VmWare Fusion PinPoint Compatibility

I last blocked about a comparison between VmWare Fusion and Parallels but concluded that the click problem prevented me from using VmWare. Well I have found a solution to that problem.

Specifically, I am using a product called PinPoint to improve the visibility of my cursor and this appears to be causing focus problems in the executing virtual machine.

To show you I have prepared my first mac based screencast using a tool called ScreenFlick. This tool does most of the things that I wanted, with screen size and visibility control, audio recording and mouse and keystroke highlighing. It did hang on me a few times which seemed to be related to large recording sizes.

So, with the click problem removed I am going to start working with VmWare Fusion again to see if it beats Parallels.


Anonymous said...

Any further conclusions re: Parallels vs VmWare?

Anonymous said...

er, sorry... specifically, can you double-click on a file in OS-X, that's associated with an app in Windows, and it will automatically open in Windows?

Edward Sumerfield said...

@motor hedman, I am still using Parallels so the problems were not worth spending the extra $70 for Fusion. Not sure if that is helpful or not.

Yes, you can double click on an icon in OSX and launch a Windows app. Note that the first double click will launch the Windows VM first so will take some time but subsequent launches are fast.

If you have many Windows VMs you will have problems knowing which Windows app is associated with which VM. You can configure them all individually but that takes time.

This post illustrates the feature quite well. http://esumerfield.blogspot.com/2007/12/new-machine-coherence-revelation.html