New Machine - Triple Click or Two Slow Clicks

I know I said that I wouldn't waste my time spouting about how great this machine was because everyone else does that. I have slipped a couple of nice things in but only when balanced by bad things. Well here it is, this is a good thing, all on it's own.

This is the simplest little thing but it is really nice. How many times do you have to click in your address bar before you can edit the URL?

Mac == one
Windows == two

The UI philosophies are completely different. Is the normal case to replace the entire URL or to edit and existing URL. It seems like a simple solution and I can't argue with Microsoft's solution that usually we need to enter completely new URLs so we should highlight the whole thing on the first click.

There is another practical consideration here. On Mac you can triple click to highlight the whole URL. So, I would ask, which is easier, triple clicking or making two slow clicks. It is clear to me, the slow clicking is for the birds, I have web pages to download people.


hellogerard said...

If I want to replace the entire URL, I hit Alt-D on Win/FF. I believe on Mac/FF, it's Apple-D. On Mac/Safari, it's Apple-L.

So single-click to edit is a lot more useful to me.

Edward Sumerfield said...

Sweet, though it appears that FireFox is %L which I have been looking for for a while. Safari is %D but I don't use Safari, Thanks.