DRY as in Dry Bugs

We talk of DRY code as in Don't Repeat Yourself. Instead, we should talk in terms of DRY bugs.

For every piece of code you copy you are also copying a number of bugs. Depending on your propensity for adding bugs to you code you may be copying lots of bugs or just the occasional one. In either case, bugs are really expensive, so stop it.

You may want to say, "It's faster to copy working code than to refactor it into a common module". We have heard it all before and you are deluded. Besides, DRY bugs are easier to pin and mount

Do not duplicate your bugs.


Life's Filaments

The filaments
of many lives
pass through me.

Filament collisions
held lovingly
in my palm.

For filaments sake,
backup your life.



Fear is an emotion,
not necessarily a disability.


A Fathers Pride

As I pondered a question and worried about an outcome my son gently said, "the greatest rewards go to those who risk, you have nothing to loose and a family to support you, so what are you whining about".

It is my greatest honor to watch my kids grow up into fabulous adults.