Garmin nuvi 760

I had a Gadget Frenzy this morning that worked out quite well. This years birthday produced a Garmin nuvi 760 which will prevent me from getting lost unless I am too busy playing with its features to notice the turns it is telling me about.

Oh, by the way, don't play with your Garmin while driving. This is the first and largest warning the device gives you, even ahead of the one about how the device may, or may not, get you where you want to go.

This device also includes an SD Card slot and mp3 player, plus Bluetooth phone headset connectivity, an FM transmitter and an audio jack. Oh, and a picture viewer, but what on early is the point if that.

Unfortunately the FM transmitter is no use in Cincinnati because all the radio stations are too close and powerful, however, the audio jack and an audio cassette adapter work wonderfully.

So, imagine the scene. Car stereo blaring but with no sound, just yet, a fresh set of podcasts loaded onto the SD Card and a willingness to connect as many pieces simultaneously as possible.

Select the media player on the Garmin, create a play list and hit play for the latest episode of Furled Sails sailing podcast.

Hit Back and select "Where To" enter my work address and press Go. The mp3 pauses and a nice lady with British accent says, "Please drive to the beginning of the route" and back to the sailing adventures. She even says route like the Brits say it, root, I had forgotten, how sweet.

My Treo 650 Bluetooth has already synced with the Garmin so if someone would call me, please, we can have all three audio streams passing through this device, hopefully, appropriately paused.

So my problem now is, do I continue listening to the Sailing podcast or switch over to my His Excellency: George Washington audio CD. Either way, I should arrive at my destination, precisely at 8:29am.


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