Experience, Maturity and Smiling

Experience is having the ability
to know what you don't know.

Experience requires the maturity
to admit your failures.

Maturity involves experiencing
failures and smiling.

Smiling is the most precious
experience that maturity brings.

You Assumed your Win

Don't assume I'm not defending myself
because I think you are correct.
Sometimes, my silence just indicates that
you have already been presumed irrelevant.

Man from the inside

A man of steel
until I am crying,
a man of stone
till I'm in love,
a raging warrior
tending a child,
a human man
intent in confusion.


Ignorance and Enlightenent

I hate when I think of a cool line and the world thought of it first. I think this is a loosing race. Anyway, I can extrapolate, so there.

The first step to enlightenment
is an understanding of ones ignorance,
however, I expect that any enlightenment
that we achieve will only serve to
clarify our ignorance.
I take solice in the acceptence of my inability to know.


Mac Missing Startup Sound Switch

Thanks to Alex at Hack the Day I can finally turn off the Mac OSX startup sound.

Just in case you haven't experienced this before. The sound itself isn't bad. However, if you were listing to some Black Sabbath when you shut your machine down, then toddle over to a quiet coffee shop to continue your day, the entire store will be regaled with the startup sound at Black Sabbath volume and that is embarrassing.