Measurment of Human Greed

Two pots of coffee, one sitting beside the maker, just brewed, the other sitting in the maker right under the spout, just finished brewing.

Which do you think will be emptied first?

Be aware of the person that switches the pots and watches, gleefully, while fellow drinkers think they are pouring the better cup.


First time voter

As you may remember from a previous post, I became an American Citizen December last year, so this election has been particularly exciting for me. I had the opportunity to effect the selection of the president of the United States of America. Wow, just saying it gives me chills.

As a new citizen, about to vote, I had an obligation. Choose the voter that would now be canceled out by my diligent coloring in of that little rectangle. I found them too, don't know their name, but they have a Chabot sign in their front yard and under it some drivel about protecting the rights of kids to have guns to shoot each other. Yes, that person, will not be able to effect the outcome of an American election again. I am canceling out their opinion and that is satisfying.

This is a story, because I had no idea how crucial my vote would be. It turns out that I was the deciding vote. Through a sequence of apparently random events I caused Barack Obama to be elected.

As an Ohio resident I am told that I am special. We, apparently, are the chosen ones and are able to dictate who wins, so I already know that my vote is more important that the rest of America.

Additionally, I live in Hamilton county, a very red place, and CNN said that the switching of this county to blue allowed Obama to win Ohio. CNN said it so it must be true.

So, by canceling a Republicans vote that wasn't canceled last year, I swung Hamilton county and so the election. Now that is power.

Neil Armstrong said it best during my naturalization, "Immigrants are the life blood of America continually infusing new ideas to help this great country improve" (paraphrased). So, I humbly offer my voting services in the hope that my choice ends up being correct.