Leaving Photrade Behind

I have decided to resign from Photrade. We both decided that this relationship wasn't a good fit for either one of us.

The Photrade team has grown immensely in the four months I was with them. With the latest improvements in the beta product bringing on new customers by the day, it is clear that Photrade will continue to be a great product and with its enthusiastic and talented team it will surely be a great success.

My next steps are to take a few days off to go sailing with my wife which is something we have missed while getting the Photrade site up and running. Then back into the software consulting world, which has been really good to me in the past but, this time, as an independent.

So, if anyone needs some software built, drop me a line, I will see if I can fit you in.


Don't use gmail in production

because, one day, you will have too many customers, and generate more emails than the great Google deems appropriate for your company.

550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded.

I would have to say that the smtp gmail service isn't reliable anyway with it's two second response times,
421 4.7.0 Temporary System Problem.  Try again later (WS).
550 5.7.0 Mail Sending denied.
all up in my face.

Switching to a local postfix server tonight. 5 emails/second, no errors. Much nicer.

IE Better for Testing HTML

Sorry about the inflammatory title. Let me explain.

  <input type="checkbox" CHECKED">

See the error? Just an extra quote but it fails in IE 7 and works in Firefox and Safari.

Firefoxs' FireBug plugin represents the checkbox as perfectly formatted dispite the syntax problem. Safaris' developer plugin shows the checked attribute as checked"="" which looks weird but it still works.

So, do I want to test with a browser that can make crap look good? I think not. I want a strict validator of my rendered code so that I can be sure that it will work consistently in all places.

The other thing that we break in IE all the time is the missing var in the javascript variable declaration. Firefoxs' and Safaris' javascript interpreter just auto-allocate on first assignment but IE complains of an undefined variable. I think IE wins here as well enforcing the script standard more closely.

So, while I don't have any decent javascript debugger or DOM inspector, for validating your HTML/JavaScript, it a better solution. Then back to FireBug for the rest of your day.


Domain Modeling Measure - Alpha Theory

If you find yourself passing this or self to things instead of other things you are moving in the right direction.

    public function doSomething()
return $someDoer->does($this);

Using ShareThis on Photrade

A sample post of a Photrade image to my blog using the Share This API.

A Cincinnati local company offering a really nice way for our users to distribute their images. See it at a Photrade site near you soon.

Sell photos on photrade | By esumerfd

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Photrade Release Party

The Photrade site is improving by the day. With new features being added, tested and released in a daily release cycle, it is really exciting to see it grow.

We were written up on Mashable last night which ended up causing our CPU's to blink, pause, and go back to sleep. It increased our load around 500% but we have loads of capacity to spare. You have to love fast machines, I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Checkout the launch party.