Leaving Photrade Behind

I have decided to resign from Photrade. We both decided that this relationship wasn't a good fit for either one of us.

The Photrade team has grown immensely in the four months I was with them. With the latest improvements in the beta product bringing on new customers by the day, it is clear that Photrade will continue to be a great product and with its enthusiastic and talented team it will surely be a great success.

My next steps are to take a few days off to go sailing with my wife which is something we have missed while getting the Photrade site up and running. Then back into the software consulting world, which has been really good to me in the past but, this time, as an independent.

So, if anyone needs some software built, drop me a line, I will see if I can fit you in.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ed!

I'm sure you'll do well any way you go!

Enjoy your sailing break :)