and life moves on.

Twenty five years playing with computers, ten years of consulting, two point one years in startups. It's time for another change.

March began my time with Photrade.com, a small startup in Cincinnati with a lot of promise. They are a great team of people and it is my pleasure to join them.

We will be building a solution in PHP, which is new for me, but has already proved itself in many other solutions. So, expect my blogging topics to change to PHP shortly, though I will probably still keep complaining about my Mac for a while.

If you would like to help mold the company you can start by completing this ten minute survey.

Site Help Advancement

I am browsing the site of a hosting service checking on prices and a little window pops up with a simple question, "Do you want help with this site?".

This is not an ad but a means to draw their customers into IM conversations. I have to say it worked very well. A quick chat and I had all the info I needed. Saved lots of reading spec sheets etc.

At the end it asked me if I wanted to send the chat session to an email address. A useful and unobtrusive way to collect email addresses. Nice.