New Machine - Parallels Hang

We keep complaining about Parallels but we keep using it. What is our problem.

A Parallels Vista process ran beautifully yesterday, it was shutdown, the machine slept the night, and today it failed to respond. Would not quit, would not force quit, no response to "kill -9", nothing.

After much wastage of time, and hope, I start the shutdown and restart of a machine. The dialogs get amusing while OSX decides that it really doesn't have control over the machine either.

After the ctrl-options-command eject keystroke to shutdown the machine, I wait some time before this little gem.

The image doesn't show it but the cursor, hanging over the continue button is displaying the wait cursor so it can not be clicked. After some time OSX gets aggressive.

Unfortunately, I can not press the "Force Quit" button either. Of coarse it wouldn't have worked anyway, I tried that already.

I re-initiate the shutdown request.

Notice the current time and the promise the dialog is making to me. See, you need to trust you computer so these dialogs are like little contracts, just waiting to be enforced by the all knowing OS. Breath, OSX has it under control.

OSX is even trying to bend time for me. We traverse 3 seconds in 2 minutes, nice.

In the two months of ownership, this is the third time I am having to hold that power button down until all my problems go away. The common theme being Parallels. Perhaps its time to try vmware.

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