ClearCase Depression Again

For such a great source control system this thing can certainly get a person down. Biggest road block from Clear Case is the checkout requirement. It doesn't sound too hard but when you consider that you can not refactor rename your code you start to get an inkling of how serious this is. This could be a problem with the Eclipse ClearCase plug-in of coarse.

It needs to do a rename first which doesn't require a file checkout, and then checkout the file to do change the class name. Then do the checkout for all the dependent classes and make the updates to them.

Well, it doesn't do this, so I have to fight the urge to leave the name alone. This is really hard because we all know that the manual rename of a commonly used class is going to take some time and leaving as the wrong name of a class is very bad.

The only option is to spiral back into a depression and wait for hope to arrive.

To all those coding in Ruby or javascript et al, with no refactoring IDE, you are like titans to me.

Ok, enough whining. Go depression.

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