New Machine - User Account Menu Item

As you login to your Mac the menu bar contains a nice little silhouette of a human bust to represent my user information. Shortly, after that, this is replaced by my name. Do you think that telling a user their name might be a tad overly informative?

My primary complaint isn't that I am insulted by the idea that I need to be reminded but that it uses valuable space in an icon cluttered zone of the screen.

Is there a way to switch this menu option back to the simple silhouetted bust?


John said...

It looks like you have fast user switching enabled. Under the system preferences window, click "Accounts". Then, click the lock icon at the bottom and authenticate. Click on the "Login Options" text at the bottom of the user list. On the right hand side, at the bottom is a checkbox for "enable fast user switching". You can turn it on or off and change what is displayed in the menu bar.

Edward Sumerfield said...

That's it thanks. Space reclaimed. Time to find some more icons :-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that John beat me to the punch.

Oh, and you're doing a swell job allowing Apple to expose how you've been misusing computers all these years. (I'm kidding!)

It is interesting to see you grapple with the same issues I did when I decided to make the leap and step out into the light!!!