New Machine - Default Button Shenanigans

I had this post prepared to whine about the way that mac presents its' default buttons on its' dialogs. It was going to be o-so-contrite with subtle sneers here and there for effect and all toped off with the classic "windows does it better". Who could have hoped for anything more.

OK, I take it back. Tentatively mind you, because I am sure there is something subtle to sneer about here.

The mac dialog shows two types of highlighting. A complete fill-in or a subtle ring. Well, it turns out that the fill-in is activated with the "enter" key and the ring with the "space" key.

The Stickies application, on closing a sticky note, offers a ringed "Don't Save" and a filled-in "Save" option. Only one key is required to select an option. There is a third button with no highlighting that you have to tab to. The tabbing moves the ring highlighting allowing the "space" key to select the button.

The downside of this is my expectation that it is a non-standard feature of the Stickies application. There seems to be so many in-consistencies that I have come to expect them.

The latest inconsistency hearkens back to older post complaining the lack of a consistent end key. Command-right arrow doesn't work in gmail. Well now I find that Command-right arrow is assigned to a completely different function in Adium, allowing me to select the next IM window. Nice feature, bad key selection.

Is this Adium's fault or the fact that mac doesn't have a consistent end key.

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