New Machine - Window Re-size Conundrum

One of the annoyances I have been having with my new shiny mac is the lack of keyboard driven window control. I can %-m to minimize and %-w to close but there is nothing to re-size, move, maximize, or restore a selected window. Of coarse Windows has all these features so I am feeling a little lost.

The other problem is that, even with the mouse I have limited control over re-sizing the window with the bottom right corner of the window being the only hot zone. Quite apart from the fact that it doesn't offer any cursor feedback when I am hoving over it, I have found a problem that I can't solve with out more control.

When I open the Finder, the window is taller than the screen so the re-size hot zone is not accessible. I have tried switching the views, closing and reopening, restarting and cursing at it. Nothing helped.


Min said...

(found it on another forum) try clicking on the green (+) button on top.

John Quillen said...

I've been searching for a solution - shareware or otherwise and all I can find is forums and blogs like this where people are asking.

Let's take action on a petition to Apple

Anonymous said...

lol. It's this kind of stupid thing that makes Mac a joke and why they are not used in the business world. Who has time to deal with this kind of thing?

Anonymous said...

yep, clicking on the green button on the top worked for me. THANK GOD.