New Machine - Coherence Revelation

Having posted positive things about Parallels Coherence feature the other day I have just been blown away by a concept that completely passed me by. I was working on the last post, using the command-shift-3 and 4 to capture screen shots to png files, and I needed to convert these to jpg's to save a little space.

Right click on the png file and select "Open With" and peruse the list, there is Gimp, a fine tool but a little clumsy, then, near the bottom of the list was "Paint.app". Well I hadn't ever seen a Paint program on the mac so I thought I would see what it could do.

This is when it happened. To my complete surprise Parallels showed a little dialog indicating that it was booting Windows XP and within 4 seconds, Windows Paint started, in Coherence mode. So it was just another window on the Mac background. That is just awesome because Paint does a great job of converting png's to jpg's.

With the VM started the subsequent startups was sub-second and the job was done.

So, the mac is really good at image conversion now that it supports a Windows application. Nice.

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