New Machine - Dashboard

At first site this dashboard thingy looks static, perhaps useful for the basic date and time features but not much else. Then down in the bottom left corner you notice a little plus sign. The little, almost invisible, plus sign seems to be theme in Apple's idea of what a quality UI is.

Anyway, the clock thinks I am in Atlanta? The closest I could move myself is Columbus. At least in the same state. What happened to trusty timezones. Why does the clock care which city I live in.

I decided to installed the new Google Desktop which places it's gadgets onto this Dashboard (F12). This adds all kinds of little doo-hickeys, some of which are even marginally useful. You don't have the full list available for Windows yet, but I guess, we expect the mac to be behind.

Now that I have written this I can't remember if the plus sign was a google Desktop thing or a mac thing.

Oh, yes, and I like the splash effect when I drop another gadget onto the dashboard. I works well with my watery background. Ooohhhh, Aaaaahhhh.

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