New Machine - Date Time

Two complaints.

  1. The date time that is showing in the menu bar allows me to see the day name and the time but no day of the month.

    Now that is just crazy. I usually know the day name but rarely remember the day of the month. I thought UI specialists were all about putting the most commonly used data in the simplest place. I guess with Apple employees having to work on these machines all day they must get so frustrated that they even forget what day it is.

  2. I am forced to live in Columbus. The timezone requires me to select a city name and does not include Cincinnati. While there are some City or at least county exceptions to timezones, I don't live in one. Can't I just have an EST?

    This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to see it every time I look at the dashboard clock. It is just irritating.

Hey, Apple,
please move me to Cincinnati,
or stop reminding me that you suck.

I should point out, that, in this case, Mac sucks less than Windows. After all, I can add the time to the system tray but that is all she wrote. No day of month or day name. There are some after market apps that can produce nice looking clocks with all the info you need on the system tray. I would imagine that I will eventually find some after market menu plug-in for the Mac to.

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