New Machine, From SHANGHAI, CN

What do 2.6, 4, 200, 7200, 17 and glossy have in common? They are all stored safely in a little, flat, white box with an ON button.

If you haven't guessed yet, it's my new MacBook Pro. After a lifetime of Unix and Windows it's time to start on another adventure.

I have to admit that it feels a little like I am just switching monopolies. While the Apple is not as large it seems just as controlling. Based on the delayed Java releases on OS X and the no Java on the iPhone this is not going to be all roses.

However, my reasoning stands. I basically have three reasons to change.

  1. My Windows XP environment on my trusty Sony Vaio is old and in need of an upgrade.

  2. The hardware compatibility issues with Windows continue with regular blue screens especially with graphic intensive applications.

  3. The upgrade path for Windows seems fraught with problems. Vista's security issues persist with most continuing to run the 32 bit on 64 bit hardware.

I can't say that the migration to a Mac will be ideal. I know they have hardware issues and as they become more popular they will inevitably encounter more security issues.

The tipping point is for me came when I realized that moving to OS X doesn't preclude me from running Windows in a VM. I watch a buddy of mine use Parallels run Vista on OS X and everything just works.

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