New Machine - Default preferences to change

There seem to be lots of settings that appear to be different from what I expect. Since what I expect is a windows experience I wonder if I should be changing these. At least if I document them I can reverse the decision later.

System Preferences

- Defaults to no password and auto-login.
- Check the "Require password to wake this computer"
- Check the "Disable automatic login"

- Defaults to "Allow all incoming connections". Very bad.
- Switch to "Allow only essential services".

Keyboard & Mouse

Use all F1, F2, etc as function keys
- Defaults to disabled because you always need to
adjust your screen brightness? Silly people.


Use two fingers to scroll
- Enable this so you don't have to move the mouse to
the scroll arrows

Allow horizontal scrolling
- Enable the horizontal while you are about it.
Not as useful but nice when it's needed.

- Enable this so that you don't have to move your
fingers so far to click something,

- Dragging windows with the mouse is easy and
only requires one finger.
- Drag lock appears to be enabled whether the checkbox is
checked or not.

Tab trachpad using two fingers for secondary click
- Defaults off but is a better way to get the context menu than
holding down ctrl and clicking.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Full Keyboard Access
- Defaults to "Text boxes and lists only" instead of "All controls".
Mac's hate the keyboard.

- Unlock the properties and select "Name and password"
so hackers can't see a list of usernames.

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