Southwest Ohio Give Camp - Review

Ending with the demo of the charities new sites and the excitement on their faces as they looked up at the giant screen, was certainly the best thanks we could have received.


Arriving back at the MUVOALC early Sunday morning to find volunteers outside banging on the doors and windows trying to get in. Six a.m. days are no match for these awesome people.

The 10 year old son of one of the volunteers asking how he can help. Dropping the xbox controller to rush off to notify the teams that more pizza had arrived.

The quiet that descended on the team rooms as everyone focused on doing their best work.

Team leads complaining that they don't want to wait 15 seconds for a standup to start because they have customers waiting.

Volunteers with decades of experience reveling in talking about what their young team members have been producing.

The worry expressed by people that working till 3am would not be enough and would the charity like what they have done.

Hearing the charities talking about "their developers", bringing then brownies and taking group photo shots.

10 Charities, 10 Solutions


As much as we were thanked for this one weekend, it is clear that the charities themselves have 51 others this year to do their work. These are the true champions of this weekend. It has been a privilege to get to know them and offer a small amount of assistance.

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Matt B said...


As much as we were thanked, I'm gonna thank you once more.

You were the life blood of this event. I knew I wanted to do this, but you put the true passion behind it. Well, that and some hard work too. I know you took on some major parts of this alone and pulled it through.

The whole organizer team owes you a true debt of gratitude. Thanks Ed! oh... and Sandi too!