Eclipse, bad UI change

I am sure that I am not the first to notice but Eclipse has gone through some changes that are causing a significant slow down in my productivity.

This has been the premiere IDE for many years, offering best of breed user interface design concepts to optimize the life of the Java developer.

I now find it increasingly hard to use for one simple fact. The changes have made it really hard to run unit tests.

One of the magical features was that ctrl-F11 would run the last test I ran so I could continue coding, in any source file, and press this vital key combination to see if I had broken anything yet.

Now, this keystroke, and the action that it is associated with, have been changed in two ways.

Firstly, if you have to be in the test file to reliably run the last test. It is inconsistent in this regard. Most of the time it just asks "How would you like to run ''? On the server or blah blah blah".

Secondly, if it does remember the test I want to run, it now also remembers that last time I ran it in the debugger. So each subsequent run promptly stops on a breakpoint.

This is a flow problem and it is possible that non-test driven developers use the debugger a great deal. I understand, even sympathize, but couldn't Eclipse support both flows? Especially the original, and in my opinion, the far superior. Just run my tests, that's all I ask.

Now if I could just get NetBeans to stop deleting my "build" directory when it creates a project I could say goodbye to this annoying change.

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Neil Curzon said...

I agree that the change was terrible, particularly for TDD. It's easy to get the old functionality back. In Preferences, Run/Debug, Launching, change Launch Operation to "Always launch the previously launched application."