Another Hour Another Rails Release

While I am a complete novice at this and my controller tests still don't work I have been able to add basic delete and create functionality to "WebZone On Rails" in about 5 hours.

The reason I couldn't do this in Java is because of ActiveRecord and the tight integration between the controller and the page.

With ActiveRecord I have been able to create and delete from an existing MySQL schema with just a couple of lines of code. With the integrated mock data infrastructure that comes with Rails I have full unit tests for all these steps.

With the tight integration of controller and page I am able to create controller instance variables and directly reference them from the rhtml pages. This makes it mind blowingly easy to load data and reference that data directly on the page while maintaining the MVC isolation. This is similar in concept to the .Net idea of the page and code behind being the same instance.

I still can't run my controller tests. Ran the gem update rails with no improvement.

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